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Check out the "Decorative Wall Art" gallery to see more of Felica



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Georgia Peach Felica Davis http://www.jasonphinisee.com/blog/2013/6/georgia-peach-felica-davis As I spend more time in Atlanta I learn more and more about this great city, I also get to meet more and more people.  I met and photographed an amazingly beautiful sexy young lady named Felica Davis.  We had a great time shooting and got some really terrific shots.  I have to mention Felica's manager -- With out Ms. Ross, who coordinated and facilitated our shoot, none of the images we captured would have been possible. One more shout out -- My friend and very special makeup artist, Eboni "Spanky" Britt.

Okay . . . now for the images!!!!!!

Watch the behind the sceens video . . .


To be continued . . .

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Beautiful in Piedmont Park 2 http://www.jasonphinisee.com/blog/2013/5/beautiful-in-piedmont-park-2 I had such a great time in the beautiful Piedmont Park I had to go AGAIN!!! This time was a little different . . . It was a still a lovely place to walk, people watch and enjoy the perfect sunny weather.  I have to admit I had more fun in the park the second time around and that was because of Ms. Kala (Owner / Designer of Fannie Lucille).  I got to photograph a very BEAUTIFUL woman in one of Atlanta's most beautiful parks!!!!  I love my job and the great city of Atlanta.


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Beautiful in Piedmont Park http://www.jasonphinisee.com/blog/2013/5/beautiful-in-piedmont-park There are hundreds of things to do in Atlanta!!! Piedmont Park is one of those things.  This weekend there was a wonderful Jazz Festival, filled with people, music and vendors. It was a beautiful weekend in the park.


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Location Special - Atlanta http://www.jasonphinisee.com/blog/2013/4/location-special---atlanta

ATTENTION: Georgia Peaches and Southern Belles.

EyePeace Photography is offering a photography special!!!!  2 hour photo session for only $99.

This special gives you the opportunity to get amazing photos with two different looks (Fashion/Casual and Swimwear).  Due to the extremely low pricing; MUA not provided. Hair stylist not provided. Wardrobe not provided.  The images from you photo shoot will be viewable in a private gallery via www.jasonphinisee.com  In addition you will be able to download low-res and/ or order prints at a discounted rate.

Look foward to hearing from all the Georgia Peaches and southern Belles!!!!

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EyePeace in Atlanta http://www.jasonphinisee.com/blog/2013/4/eyepeace-in-atlanta I am in the great city of Atlanta, GA.  I find myself in downtown walking with the thousands of out of town guest that are here for the NCAA Final Four tournament.  Congratulations to the University of Michigan for making it to the finals!!! Good Luck Michigan. Go BLUE!!

I am truely inspired by the beautiful city and the equally beautiful people, natives and visitors alike.  If you see me in the city, say hello, ask me about my photography, smile and pose for a picture and/or give me suggestions about what is going on in the city!!!

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